Sharp Pain In Throat When I Swallow


Asked by Brenda

Sharp Pain In Throat When I Swallow

For almost 4 months I have a sharp pain in my throat when I swallow & I have excrutiating pain in my throat when I talk at times. I have been to many doctors about this & they say that they don't see anything. I went to my ENT who said that I have Acid Reflux. When I researched it online, I don't have the heartburn, or any other issues like it said online. It also said online that if you have Acid Reflux, you can have Globus Disease, the feeling of a lump in your throat, which is not what I have either. So confused & in pain.. Please help..I'm at my wit's end..


It is possible that it is due to reflux. For a long time, I had a chronic cough that I thought was allergies or just a sensitivity until I got "true" heartburn symptoms and was treated for it. Lo and behold the cough/throat clearing went away.

But, your post made me think of esophageal spasms which are often a side effect of GERD but can happen in anyone.

What did the doctors recommend? Often times doctors will prescribe medication as part of their diagnosing. If the medication works then it confirms the diagnosis. Perhaps the fastest and easiest way to determine if your symptoms are in fact due to reflux is a medication trial. If it works then you know that reflux is the cause. Then you would need to figure out the best solution for you which may include preventive/dietary solutions and/or medication.

Another thought that comes to mind is eosinophilic esophagitis. From what my doctor told me, it's not helped that much by the reflux meds. So, if the medications don't help then it might be something to look into (unless you've already been scoped by a GI specialist who did biopsies and ruled it out).

If nothing works, then the lack of a response to medications and such will then be more information for the doctors which will help to come up with a better diagnosis.


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