I Have A Shocking Sensation With Burning And Itching


Asked by gam9797

I Have A Shocking Sensation With Burning And Itching

I am a newly diagnosed MS patient. I like to call myself a "virgin MS-er". I have so many questions and I am waiting for the book I ordered MS the First Year. I hope it has a lot of answers...but here is one that I hope you can answer for me. I am experiencing an awful itching and burning on my right side near my breast. Sometimes interrupted by sharp shocking symptom. It is driving me crazy. Some times during the day, it is completely gone. Then, it begins again, out of no where...

I am trying to stay positive, as I have four young children...but sometimes it is bringing me to tears since the itch is hard to reach and my body is terribly sensitive. My question is...how long does this last. I once had itching and burning in my leg...it lasted about two weeks then went away. Is that what I can expect? Is there medication for this? Will it just go away? Is that what MS is...a series of relapses over a lifetime and in between all these annoyances that disrupt your day? I am sorry I sound like an idiot. I am trying to get a handle on all this but I just don't understand! Please help me!



Hi gam,

When you are newly diagnosed there is so much to learn and digest. Please do not get overwhelmed. Absolutely burning, itching, and painful shocks can be caused by nerve damage.

However, I have a few questions for you. Have you recently undergone Solumedrol treatment, within the past month or so? In addition to the the burning/itching, do you have any redness or bumps? Anything which looks like a rash of tiny pimples? Also, in addition to the pain being near your breast, does it go around your back (only on one side)?

I ask these questions because these symptoms bring Shingles to mind. I developed shingles after receiving a 5-day Solumedrol treatment, only it developed on my face and was excruciating. My mother has experienced shingles on her torso and was in a great deal of pain for an extended period of time.

One thing which is extremely important when someone does develop shingles is to begin anti-viral medication within the first 48 hours of developing symptoms. From experience, I can tell you that beginning anti-virals quickly does make a huge difference in the recovery.

Interestingly, the same medication which is often prescribed for shingles pain is also prescribed for neuropathy which comes with MS. My doctor prescribed Neurontin for me for the pain.

This is just a thought and might not apply to you. I do want to welcome you and invite you to read a series of posts under the heading of "Beginner's Guide to MS" which I have been writing. To find them, just look under my profile and view all posts.


Answered by Lisa Emrich