Short, Random Bursts Of Pain In My Temple.


Asked by SLK

Short, Random Bursts Of Pain In My Temple.

For the past day I have had sporadic pain in my temples. The pain is random and only lasts for a second. The pain occurs more in the right temple than in the left, but I have experienced the pain in both. I've been hydrating myself thinking it may be that, but to no avail. Ideas or advice?



If this is a new or different pain, or the worst pain you've ever had, you need to contact your doctor right away if it continues.

Having said that, there is a type of headache called Ice Pick headache that has a quick, stabbing like pain as one of its symptoms. Here's the thing though - we are not medical professionals and can't diagnose people online. And you wouldn't want that done anyway. Talk to your doctor, and let him know how you are feeling. Then let us know how you are, ok?

Good luck


Answered by Nancy Harris Bonk