Short, Random, 1 Second Chest Pains. Spasm? Stress? Help?


Asked by Bread2287

Short, Random, 1 Second Chest Pains. Spasm? Stress? Help?

I am 24, male. At around age 17 I began to get these attacks - a stabbing deep in my chest located right above my left nipple. The sensation only lasts for about a second, but its enough to knock the wind out of me and make me double over in pain. After an attack, its hard to take the first breath, and I am usually gasping for air. When I breath in, it feels like something is coming apart in my chest. I swear I can hear or feel like a heartbeat whenever it happens. It's almost like i'm blacking out.

I saw the doctor, all tests came out ok, including lung function. I chalked it up to chest spasms from when I worked out. But I have stopped working out, and the attacks have become more frequent. I went to the ER after recently having an attack in public, but they found nothing wrong with me. They gave me muscle relaxers and sent me on my way.

I do have anxiety issues so now I am wondering if can be related to anxiety? Its the only other thing I can think of.


Hi Bread2287,

I think youv'e done a great job of describing it. And yes, chest pain can be related to anxiety. Do you feel more generally anxious when you have an attack than when you're not having an attack?

Here are links to additional information that may be useful to review, but you should see your doctor and let her or him know what's going on.

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