Shoulder Pain That Radiates Up My Neck Muscle


Asked by RobSwift66

Shoulder Pain That Radiates Up My Neck Muscle

Hi, I'm a 46 year old male who has been suffering with intense pain in my shoulder that radiates up my neck muscle on the same side. It only happens when I'm lying down, and the pain is strong enough to wake me. I have been suffering with this almost every night for the past four months. Anyone have any answers or advice?


Hi Rob,

Pains that arise during sleep often signal spinal misalignment or disc troubles. You may be sleeping in a way that exacerbates your pain, which then lessens as you loosen and stretch your muscles during the day. I'd recommend seeing a doctor or a chiropractor for help in dealing with this issue. Another option would be to take up a stretching or yoga practice, which is notorious for being able to help people with chronic pain issues achieve a better quality of life. Good luck to you!

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