I Showed Up Positive For Mam Help Help Help Help


Asked by Powerless

I Showed Up Positive For Mam Help Help Help Help

Please help me! I have terminial pulmonary fifbrosis that has lert me eighty percent

before I had this diesease I was very active and boke a lot of one with sports efc I did break me lower back it casues me hell I dont have much of a life I used to. Now because I of my broken back I am now in a wheel chair and I had to urine test and that came back with this MAM or M6M it means I have heroin in my system! Honest I have never

even tried Heroin. Please Please if anyone knows how you come up with an MAM OR M6M

or heroin showing up positive when you've never done it.

please help me regarding the M6M or MAM that is the one thing they the doctors say only means heroin! How can I prove It is a false positive?


I think you mean 6-MAM, which is a metabolite of heroin. From what I understand, the chances of getting a false positive on a drug test largely depends on the quality of the lab doing the testing. Of the 1,200 labs in the US doing drug tests, fewer than 100 meet federal standards. Depending on the lab, the number of false positives can range from 4% to over 50%. You might see if you can find out whether the lab used for your test was a federally certified lab.

Some medications can cause a false positive for heroin, including a number of antibiotics as well as many cold and cough medicines. I don't know whether 6-MAM would show up with those medications or not, but if you took any of those things, it would be worth asking.

Asking them to do another urine test probably wouldn't do much good because heroin leaves the system fairly quickly, so it wouldn't prove you hadn't used it before the previous test. However, you could request they do a hair analysis. Testing your hair can detect any drug usage for the past several months and should prove you didn't use heroin.

Good luck to you.

Answered by Karen Lee Richards