Shrimp And Crayfish Allergy?


Asked by barjo

Shrimp And Crayfish Allergy?

I can eat tons of crab,oysters,clams & fish...but I am really allergic,to shrimp & crayfish...can anybody,tell me why I'm allergic to these two? and not the others?


All allergies are somewhat unpredictable. Food allergies are no exception. The only explanation I can give you is that a sort of "misfire" in the body of a person with allergies interprets normally harmless substances as harmful -- and then mounts a defense, which is that allergic response.

Why is a person severely allergic to tree pollen, but not to grass pollen? Or to dust, but not to animal dander? No one knows. Just be grateful you're not allergic to all those kinds of seafood you love!



PS I was deathly allergic to cats most of my life (couldn't even touch a cat for a second without triggering wheezing, eyes watering, sneezing, etc.), but recently I discovered I'm no longer allergic at all and now I own my own cat! I can't explain it.

Answered by Kathi MacNaughton