Singer Whitney Houston Dead at 48: A Life of Super Stardom Mixed with Mental Illness and Abuse

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Whitney Houston

Just turned on the news to find that Whitney Houston has died.   What?   She was so young, only 48.

This is a celebrity who has certainly had her share of life struggles despite or perhaps due to her incredible fame.   I think everyone knows about her troubled marriage to Bobby Brown, who, in addition to drug addiction had also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.   In an interview with Oprah I remember everyone's shock when Houston spoke of the abuse she endured in her relationship. We all felt disgust when she revealed that he would even spit on her.   It was hard to believe that this international super star diva was being treated with such disrespect.   But it also made her all the more human that despite her fame and fortune, Whitney Houston was also a woman who was a victim of emotional abuse.   It showed the world that domestic abuse knows no boundaries.   You can be young, old, rich, poor, or even famous and still be vulnerable to abuse within your relationship.

I am sure most of also remember Diane Sawyer's interview with Whitney Houston when she declared that "crack is whack" and that she was above using such drugs. But then later she did confess to an addiction to smoking marijuana laced with cocaine.

When Whitney Houston first came onto the musical scene she amazed people with the power of her voice.   Houston, who grew up singing gospel music with her mother, has famous relatives including cousins Dee Dee and Dionne Warwick, and godmother Aretha Franklin.   (I just saw Aretha Franklin in concert just two nights ago)   Houston quickly rose to fame at an early age and maybe that was the problem.   It happened so fast.   We always like to think that we would be happy if we had incredible fame, fortune, and talent.   But doesn't it seem that so many of these stars have their light extinguished far too early?

The news reports have not yet determined a cause for Whitney Houston's death but it is suspected that drug abuse may be the underlying culprit.   We could see that Houston was a troubled soul and it is just such a terrible tragedy that she did not get the help that she needed in time.

I feel like I grew up with this star and her music. We are about the same age.   Things like this really make you begin to think about your mortality.

So sad.

We will miss you Whitney.   May your soul finally be at peace.   Thank you for all the wonderful gifts you gave to us.