My Sinus Pressure Causes pain in my ears, Teeth and jaw. Can you Help?


Asked by Danielle

I Have Such Sinus Pressure That It Is Causing Pain In My Ears, Teeth, And Jaw.

I do not have an ear infection or sinus infection (per doctor, and no they have no idea, and until Jan 1, I do NOT have insurance to go further with testing). There is such pressure behind my ear drum, it feels as if it is full of fluid, yet nothing ever drains. I can breathe normally through my nasal passages. I have been suffering with this since August 2013; it has not gotten worse or better. I can relieve some of it through severe sinus congestion OTC meds and antihistamine. What could be the underlying cause? Any other suggestions for a more permanent solution?


Hi Danielle,

I suffered from the same problem for many years until I could finally see an ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor.) Sometimes your regular doctor may not perform the same tests as the ENT will. I discovered that my ear just did not drain properly and I ended up with a permanent tube in my ear which provided me with excellent relief. You might end up with a different diagnosis however.

Before I went to the ENT, I would use Mucinex D and Meclizine (non drowsy dramamine) to get some relief from the pressure.

Have you been to the dentist? Sometimes a toothache can feel like an earache.

This can also be an allergic reaction.

I know that you mentioned you did not have insurance, but I hope you did find a diagnosis and treatment that worked for you. You should always pursue pain with your doctor. Please feel free to send an update!

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