Skin patches could replace wristbands as health trackers

Scientists have created an electronic wireless skin patch that they say consumers may be able to use to track data on health and detect diseases.

A team of scientists from the University of Illinois and Northwestern University aimed to develop a health tracker that could send high-quality data from the human body wirelessly to a computer in real time. The researchers used sensors, circuits, radios and batteries and suspended them in fluid, which they then enveloped in thin elastic material. The skin patch offers users comfort, as it is able to stretch and bend without interfering with daily activities.

The electronic skin patch offers a more comprehensive picture of what is happening in the human body than do health trackers currently available on the market, researchers said. The device, which is detailed in the journal Science, has the potential to detect signs of diseases such as Parkinson’s, which would allow users to receive any necessary treatment at very early stages. The study did not say how much more research would be needed before the device could be available to consumers.

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Sourced from: Medical News Today, Forget wristbands, the future of health tracking is skin-mounted, say scientists