Slightly Numbness In My Little, & Ring Finger


Asked by cora hunter

Slightly Numbness In My Little, & Ring Finger

I have persistent numbness in my ring finger and little finger on one hand. Does anyone know what causes this?


Slight numbness in the 4th (ring) finger and 5th (little finger) is usually due to a pinched ulnar nerve at the cubital tunnel (in the elbow, aka the "funny bone") or this numbnes can be due too  a pinched nerve in the neck at C8 (cervical nerve 8). If the numbness progresses into a constant or more intense problem, I recommend that you talk to your doctor about getting a nerve test performed by a neurologist (nerve specialist).

This numbness is not due to carpal tunnel syndrome because a pinched median nerve at the carpal  tunnel  will cause numbness in the 1st (thumb), 2nd and 3rd digit.

Seeing a doctor and getting a complete examination cannot be replaced by advice on the internet. This will just get you started down the right road. Happy trails.

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