Is it Normal to Taste Blood Before an Asthma Attack?


Asked by Ian

Can You Slightly Taste Blood Before An Attack? Is That Normal

I was playing soccer and experienced chest tightness, I also had a slight taste of blood in my mouth but when I spat I could not see any. I then started coughing a fair bit and started to recover but was still abit dizzy


Dear Ian,

It is possible to taste blood before an attack of asthma, but not common. Several other questions would need to be answered in order to explain why this may have happened. Did you have any head trauma beforehand? Do you tend to have nose bleeds? Were there any signs of an upper respiratory infection preceding this event? Do you have nasal allergies (which may cause excessive mucus, postnasal drip and nose bleeding at times)? Do you have an established history of asthma or exercise induced asthma? Do you smoke? Are you on any medications which may increase the risk of bleeding (aspirin, blood thinners)?

Ian, it is possible you tasted mucus, which can sometimes taste like blood. Blood and mucus may have a metallic taste. The cough and chest tightness suggest exercise induced asthma but there are other possibilities. Your age and past medical history would influence how to proceed with your evaluation. Dizziness may also accompany asthma symptoms but also may be associated with certain types of infections and heart problems.

If you have not seen a physician, please see one as soon as you can (especially before further soccer or other rigorous activity). A thorough evaluation is important for your present and future health.

Feel free to post more questions.

J. Thompson, MD

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