I Have Small Almost Pimple Like Things On My Penis. What Are They?


Asked by bignfamous36

I Have Small Almost Pimple Like Things On My Penis. What Are They?

Okay i am 13 years of age and i am not sexual active. And i have never been. I still have my virginity. But i get these pimple such things on my penis. But if u squeez them puss like fluid will come out. There are also on my testes. I have never been tested for sexualy transmitted diaseses though. This worries me a great deal. Is there such thing as acne on your penis or is it herpes? Or another sexually transmitted diasease? And if you are not sure are there any at home tests?


Hi Bignfamous36,

You sound really worried, so I'm glad you asked your question!

First of all, I am not a medical doctor, but a Psychologist. However, it is very safe for me to say that if you are a virgin then you do not have any sexually transmitted disease, you can only get those through sexual contact! So, don't worry about that!

From what I've read, many cases of "pimples" that appear on the penis and testicles are normal, especially for adolescents. However, it is also true that occasionally some "bumps" are of concern, so to be perfectly safe, you should have a doctor look at them. Evidently, even if they are the normal, harmless pimples, the advice is not to squeeze them.

I know it may be embarrassing to go to the doctor (pretty much no one ever enjoys having their genitals looked at by a doctor), but the few minutes of akwardness you'll have will save you a lot of worry time!

Take Care,

Dr. Jennifer Fee



Answered by Jennifer L. Fee, Psy.D.