Small Burning Intermittent Pain On Right Side Of Chest Between Breasts


Asked by vizslamadness

Small Burning Intermittent Pain On Right Side Of Chest Between Breasts

Yesterday and today I have had intermittent burning pain about the size of a large marble on the right side of my chest/sternum. It isn't like heartburn but something different. I took my blood pressure in both arms. Right arm is 120/72 and left is 135/74. I am on Lipitor. No history of heart problems. I also have had a low grade headache for 1 day now. When I sit I don't have any pain. When I move, it will come and go lightly.

Please advise.



Thanks for your question.

Chest pain that is associated with heart disease is usually less pinpoint than described in your posted question. It also will not change with movement verses sitting still.

Typical discomfort from heart disease is a discomfort (sharp, dull, pressing, burning) located in the chest, arm, neck, jaw, or any combination of these. Many patients also experience shortness of breath, sweating, nausea, and a feeling of anxiety.

However, because of your history of elevated cholesterol, you should see your physician to have this checked with an examination and electrocardiogram. If your heart checks out OK, other likely causes could be a muscular or ligament injuring in your chest wall itself. Gastrointestinal sources are also unlikely given your description of the small location, and the fact that movement seems to bring on the discomfort.

I hope this has been helpful. Best wishes.

Martin Cane, M.D.