My Small Daughter Squashed My Breast The Other Day And I Felt A Pain.


Asked by JB

My Small Daughter Squashed My Breast The Other Day And I Felt A Pain.

Being paranoid about theses things, I examined my breast and found no lumps at all. Since then, I have noticed I have a very tender spot on the top middle of this breast, sometimes more tender than at other times. The odd thing is, if I press the other breast firmly at exactly the same spot, I get a similar pain, though not so intense. I have large breasts (UK size 34GG), could this be anything to do with it? Or, could the breast have been damaged by being squashed or by me examining it too firmly? Do you think I should be worried? Thanks for your help.


Breast pain is very common, usually cyclical in nature (related to your period), and isn't a typical breast cancer symptom - especially when it's felt in both breasts. I'd suggest you monitor this pain for a month; if it changes (e.g., gets worse, then better, or the other way around), it's almost certainly tied to your cycle. Unless you find a lump, or the pain in one breast gets worse and becomes fairly constant, I wouldn't worry about this. However, it sounds like you're a worrier (since you say you're paranoid); in which case, you need to figure out what will make you stop worrying. If it's a trip to the doctor for a breast exam, then that's the path you should take. Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel