Small Pea Like Lump Just Above My Right Armpit..


Asked by emmaward84

Small Pea Like Lump Just Above My Right Armpit..

i have a small pea like lump just above my right armpit.. it appeared yesterday and im startin to get very worried... its not painful nor is mu skin discoloured... i cant see my doctor till next week and im going out of my mind with worry i keep crying. please help me.. emma


Emma, armpit lumps are often lymph nodes that are swollen because of an infection, so it is much too soon to panic. Most infections resolve themselves in seven to ten days, so you will want to see the doctor if the lump hasn't gone away in a couple of weeks. Because you are so worried, I would recommend seeing the doctor next week as soon as you can get an appointment, but the chances are that this lump is not cancer. You can read more about evaluating armpit lumps in this article. It is good that you are aware that armpit lumps can be a sign of breast cancer, but keep in mind that there are many other possible causes and that most lumps that eventually need a biopsy are not cancer.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson