I Have A Small Red Bug Bit Looking Red Sore On The Bottom Left Side Of My Left Breast.


Asked by sherrymb

I Have A Small Red Bug Bit Looking Red Sore On The Bottom Left Side Of My Left Breast.

It is smaller than a standard pencil eraser. It just popped up one day a couple of weeks ago. I think it initially looked like a big pimple. It is right at my bra line, so it rubs. My husband has said it's gotten a little smaller. It's still red, and the center is indented slightly, with a little yellow crust. I've been coating it with Bacitracin, and Hydrocortizone but it hasn't gone away. It does itch. There is no other concern about either of my breasts. There was a similar spot on my right hip before this one popped up. It was there for a couple of weeks and then healed & went away. I had a clinicl breast exam the first week of March and there were no concerns. I have a baseline mammogram scheduled tomorrow. I was not even thinking it could be something serious until I came across this, now I'm losing sleep with worry. Will a mammogram pick up if it's something serious? Could it be something serious?

Before either of these spots popped up my son was diagnosed with impetigo & treated with an oral antibiotic. I wonder if that could be a concern. I'm at nature a worrier, so I hope I'm making something out of nothing. Is it worth making a trip to the doctor? Could I go to one of these MinuteClinic's at CVS pharmacy and share my concerns? It will cost me $75.00 to go have it checked out. I don't want to appear silly, or waste time and money. It doesn't bother me or wake me up when I'm sleeping. I sleep on my front and haven't experienced any discomfort. Oh, I did find a very, very small black bug in my bed last night. Could it be a bug bite? Could it be IBC?

Thank you for any information you could give.


Sherry, I'm not sure what to tell you. On one hand, you had a similar place that got better on its own. On the other, this is the second time you've had the problem; and you don't know what's causing it. Do be sure to point it out to the technician tomorrow when you go for your mammogram. In fact, they will ask you to fill out a form documenting places on your breast that concern you. Before you leave, specifically ask if they saw anything on the mammogram where that sore place is that should concern you. Although I have read about cases where inflammatory breast cancer starts with what appears to be a bug bite, that is not the usual presentation. If this is the same thing that was on your hip, it's not breast cancer. If you have another spot like this, or if you have additional problems with your breast, I would definitely recommend that you make an appointment to be seen. In the meantime, see what they say at the mammogram clinic tomorrow.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson