Small Red Bump Breast Itches


Asked by yvi

Small Red Bump Breast Itches

I discovered a small red bump looks like a mosquito bite but if I press down it feels hard on the right side of my breast. It itches now, but rest of breast seems fine, no difference in skin, just the small bump. What can I do? I am really scared, went for a mammogram but dont get results until Monday.


Hi - Generally, a breast lump doesn't evidence itself as something that looks like an insect bite; nor does it itch. It's usually 100% internal. You've done exactly the right thing, getting a mammogram. Chances are it won't show anything to be worried about.

Keep an eye on that bump; if it gets larger, spreads around and becomes a rash, or if your breast swells, becomes hot and painful (feels like an infection), or itches a lot, go back and ask to be tested for inflammatory breast cancer, which is a rare form of breast cancer that can involve these external symptoms. In the meantime - try not to stress, everything is probably just fine. Good luck Monday- PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel