Why Do I Have Small red Marks Around my Mouth?


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Small Red Marks Or Rashes Above And Around The Mouth Area. What Causes This?

Hello, I have been getting a few small patches of round red marks mainly above the skin parts above my upper lip (the mustache area) and just right below the lower lip area of my mouth. They are small around 1/4 to 1/3 of an inch and swell up in size but there is no pus, liquid, itchiness or anything else inside of them or on the surface. They are diffentialy not coldsores or acne. These only appear when I touch my hand to my mouth unconsciously while I am thinking, reading a computer monitor, etc. Shaving in the morning does not irritate my skin. I noticed that if I wash the area immediate with soap and warm water, those red marks and swelling go away within 15 to 20 minutes. If I don't do anything, those marks get more red in color and spread around the skin of the mouth area. My 11 month old son is now having the same symptoms as I have when he is eating or touching his face with his hands. I don't know if this is a skin rash due to bacteria, germs, dirt or other things constantly on our hands. Does anyone know what this is and is there some kind of treatment to prevent it? Thanks.


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Please know that I am not a doctor or dermatologist.

I guess the first thing I would suggest is to get your child checked out by a pediatrician. If he has the same kind of rash I would wonder if this is contagious.

Do either of you have other symptoms? There are certain viruses which can be spread and affect the mouth area like Hand, Foot and Mouth disease.

The Dr. Sears site has a very good explanation of the symptoms of childhood rashes which you may want to take a look at.

Do either of you have eczema or hives?

You won't know what this is until you are both seen by a doctor. I would make an appointment soon.

Thank you for your question.

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