Small Scab On Areola?


Asked by KN

Small Scab On Areola?

It has been 2 weeks since I've noticed a tiny scab that formed on my left areola/nipple part. The scab is slowly flaking away and it looks to be improving. However, I'm a bit concerned if it could be Paget's Disease or just skin problems. It doesn't itch much or very little and there's no discharge. I don't get to use my PTO until June and wanted a peace of mind before I can schedule a doctor's appointment (hopefully the symptoms won't persist). Thank you.


If your symptoms are improving, you probably don't have cancer. A good question to ask yourself as you decide whether to see a doctor immediately or to wait until your insurance take effect is this: If this scab were on some other part of my body, what would I do? Breasts can have any of the types of skin issues that the rest of your body can. It's good that you know that a scaly eczema-like rash on the nipple can be a sign of Paget's Disease. So if the rash gets worse, I'd recommend going ahead and seeing a doctor right away. As long as it's improving, waiting and watching is probably a safe course of action.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson