Smaller bites may prevent overeating

With the Super Bowl on the horizon, so is a heavy dose of mindless snacking.  And eating while distracted can lead to serious overeating because people tend not to pay attention to how much they’re consuming. Suggestions to avoid this can include pre-measuring portion sizes or to not eating in front of the television. Now a new study from the Netherlands suggests that taking smaller bites may also prevent the often bad results of distracted overeating.

In a study of 53 people eating soup, the researchers found participants would generally eat more when they were focusing on an animated film, rather than on the flavors of the soup.  Soup consumption was 30 percent lower when consumers were asked to take small sips of the soup, as opposed to larger sips or undefined-sized sips.

So during the Super Bowl (or any other activity, for that matter), consider combining these elements: take what you want to eat onto your plate first rather than eating directly from a bowl or bag, try to focus on the food when eating and finally, concentrate on taking smaller bites.

Sourced from: Live Science, Smaller Bites May Prevent Overeating