Smart bra would track emotional eating

A “smart bra” that tracks wearers’ emotions may be on the market in the future, according to its inventors at Microsoft.

Recently, the scientists released a paper, titled ‘Food and Mood: Just-in-Time Support for Emotional Eating’, in which they laid out their development of the high-tech lingerie.

In the study, smart bras were worn by female participants, whose heart activity was tracked by sensors. The scientists found that the bras predicted the women’s emotional states with an approximate 75 percent accuracy rate.

With further research and development, the smart bra may also alert the wearer when she is in a frame of mind to be more likely to engage in emotional eating. The researchers said they will be working on developing real-world devices with sufficient battery life and comfort for both women and men.

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Sourced from: Mashable, Microsoft Is Working on a High-Tech Bra