Smartphone Choice Suggests Personality Traits

Android or iPhone? Since 2007, smartphone use has continued to rise—64 percent of adults in the United States now say they use one. Although Android and iPhone devices are similar, they are marketed differently, and new research is being conducted to compare and contrast personality traits among people who use an Android and those who choose an iPhone.

In a study involving 500 smartphone users, researchers asked study participants to answer a number of questions about themselves and about their attitudes towards their devices. According to the study, iPhone users are more than twice as likely as Android users to be female. They also are more likely to view their smartphone as a status object, but are less likely to be concerned with owning the most popular device. iPhone users also showed lower levels of humility and honesty and higher levels of emotionality and were more likely to be extroverts.

Android users were more likely to be older males with lower interest in wealth or social status. They also showed higher levels of honesty and agreeability than iPhone users and were less likely to break rules for personal gains. Study authors also were able to develop a computer program to accurately predict smartphone choice.

Image Credit: Thinkstock

Sourced from: MNT