Smiths Medical Discontinues Deltec Cozmo Insulin Pump

Patient Expert

The below notice has been circulating from Smith Medical. If you currently use a Deltec Cozmo insulin pump, be sure to keep reading below

Important Announcement Regarding the Deltec Cozmo ® Insulin Pump

As you may have heard or read recently, Smiths Medical is planning to discontinue manufacturing the Deltec Cozmo ® insulin pump for direct sale. This decision will apply to new customers as well as to current customers who wish to replace their pump at the end of their current warranty periods. We remain committed to excellent customer service and will provide you with the ongoing support that you have come to expect from Smiths Medical for the remainder of your current pump warranty.

Your Deltec Cozmo ® insulin pump remains an excellent choice to help you manage your diabetes. Let me assure you that we will honor your warranty, we will provide customer and clinical support for the remainder of the warranty of your pump, and we will ensure the availability of cartridges and infusion sets. Please continue to call our telephone customer support on 1-800- 826-9703 for any assistance you require with your pump.

Today's announcement means two important things:

  • First, when your Deltec Cozmo ® insulin pump approaches the end of its warranty period and it is time to decide on a replacement, you will need to choose a pump from another manufacturer, and we recommend that you consult with your health care provider to choose a pump that is appropriate for you.
  • Second, where practical, we will work with you to transfer your purchases of cartridges and infusion sets to one of the many national and regional distributors that stock these items. A list of Smiths Medical distributors and their contact information can be found on the following page. You are welcome to contact a distributor of your choice immediately and start ordering your supplies of Deltec Cozmo ® insulin pump cartridges, as well as the Cleo ® and Comfort ® infusion sets.

**For more information, check out their FAQ on the news or call their customer support team at 1-800-826-9703.

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