Im So Lonely. Is There Anyone Out There Like Me?


Asked by Britt

Im So Lonely. Is There Anyone Out There Like Me?

hello everyone, i dont know how many responses im going to get from this but i'll share anyway. im 19 and i live at home with my grandparents and three lil sisters. in other situations normaly someone with three lil sisters wouldent feel alone like i do. but we dont have anything in common they have there own lives and friends. i have no one to talk to no one to hang with, it be nice if i could call a friend and hang out and go places with! but i dont its so depressing. im 19 and dont have any friends.everytime i go out i always see peolpe i know from the high schools i went to,but they say hi and keep it moving. the one person who i hanged with and laughed with moved to texas and left me in LA all alone, he calls me from time to time but he has his own life. the thing that kills me the most is im not a ugly person, im attractive, fun to be with and someone that others can depend on. no matter what it is i always listen and im always there. but i have no one in return. 2 months ago the girl i loved broke up with me for i dont know, i guess she didnt realize she was the only person in my life that made me happy. i was so depressed i felt like i was going to die like that. i finally got over her but i still think about her. and if your wondering ,yes im a gay female more like a tom boy and just want sombody like me who wants to hang out and be friends. is there anybody out there like me who needs a homeboy or homegirl to laugh and hang with? i hope there is im sooo alone.


Hi Britt

Feeling lonely can definitely feed a depression. And it is an endless feedback loop. The more depressed we feel...the more we don't get out there and do things to ease the loneliness.

There is one thing I do know for sure. You won't make contact or ease your loneliness if you don't take some risks. So this is a really good first step you have taken by reaching out here on this forum!

I think one of the best ways to meet new people is just by doing activities that we enjoy. What sorts of things do you like to do?

I have found a site to help find other people to meet in your local area based on activities or interests. It is called Meet Up and I will give you the link here. They have every kind of group under the sun and you can even creat a group yourself.

I also found an on-line support group for the lesbian, bisexual, and gay community where they have scheduled chat sessions and you may find that link right here.

There is also yahoo groups which is worthy of exploration for on-line connection and support.

There truly is a lot out there to just have to begin. I hope you find what you are looking for and I thank you for your question.

Answered by Merely Me