Can You Take Solumedrol While Being Treated With Tysabri


Asked by MarthaB53

Can You Take Solumedrol While Being Treated With Tysabri


Hi Martha,

This is an excellent question, especially since there is NOTHING on the official Tysabri webpage with the answer. I personally know some Tysabri patients who have had a relapse, needed to treat with Solumedrol, and did so.

In looking for an official answer, here is what I found -

On MSWorld, patients discuss using steroids to treat a relapse while also being on Tysabri.

The MS Society of Canada lists Frequently Asked Questions regarding Tysabri use and here is information about steroids and Tysabri.

"There is no warning against the use of periodic steroids to treat relapses in people taking Tysabri; however, the chronic use of "pulse" or monthly steroids would possibly weaken the immune system and therefore should probably be avoided wherever possible."

The Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre (in UK) has a section on their website with dairies of Tysabri users. Here is one such patient, Melissa, who describes using Solumedrol to treat a relapse before her 3rd Tysabri infusion.

If you are concerned about experiencing a relapse and needing a round of Solumedrol while on Tysabri, the best person to consult is your neurologist. If you are wondering if any others have treated a relapse this way, then you have your answer.

I hope that you feel well and come back to update us. Thank you for this question as I'm sure many others have wondered the very same thing.


Answered by Lisa Emrich