Do Zero Gravity Chairs Really Work for Managing Pain?

by Christina Lasich, MD Health Professional

With co-pays, deductibles, and bills to pay, it seems like everyone is in a pinch lately. And although medications are effective at reducing pain in a pinch, I would like to focus on some other products that help control the vise-grip of pain. To effectivley manage your pain, you can't just rely on medications; that would be like building a house with just a hammer.

One of my favorite tools against aching, all-over pain is the zero-gravity chair. In fact, I cried when I tried it because for the first time my pain melted down a couple notches. Time and time again, patients try the zero-gravity chair in my office and fall in love.

The key is your body's position that minimizes the effects of gravity. Your back is parallel to the floor and the hips are bent with the knees supported above your chest. It is the same position the astronauts are in before blast off. No ordinary recliner will do because the hips and knees must be bent to place the knees above the chest which releases muscle tension. This mimics an all time favorite position for most people with back pain-the fetal position. Ahhh... now that spells relief in a pain pinch.

For the budget minded, a LaFuma chair is the way to go, plus it is portable. Amazon carries this patio recliner, but many knock-offs exist. Even the local hardware store might have one. For the investment in your future of feeling better, the "Perfect Chair" is the best design. Available at the Relax the Back store, this chair really takes the weight off the sensitive spine. Find a store and try one of the zero-gravity chairs for yourself.

Many tools are required to effectively manage pain, what is your favorite?
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Christina Lasich, MD
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