Some Doctors Can Now Phone It In

Teleconferencing hasn’t really taken off in most areas of medicine, as doctors still need to see patients in person. But in at least one field -- dermatology -- camera phones are making it easier to get a swift opinion.

After all, “dermatology is very visual,” Margaret Lally with DermatologistOnCall tells The Washington Post. A good camera “can capture the essence of the skin issue very well.” That allows doctors to treat more patients more quickly.

Doctors can then ask patients with seemingly serious conditions to come in for treatment, moving them to the front of the line.

“A major challenge for a conscientious medical dermatologist is triaging fairly who gets in quickest because they need us the most,” Dr. Lisa Pawelski tells the Post.

Your phone may have the answer for that problem.

Sourced from: The Washington Post, Here’s the new way to see a dermatologist: Send a photo of your skin