Can Someone Tell Me A Medication For Bipolar That Helps With Sleep?


Asked by sleepless in ms

Can Someone Tell Me A Medication For Bipolar That Helps With Sleep?

I have been racking my brain to find a medication that helps with bipolar insomnia. I think that I don't stay on the medications long enough for it to work due to I suffer sleep loss trying to do so. I just wondered what can shut the brain off at night? I am going to try to ask the pdoc for valium. I know it is addicting but we are going to have to be on something the rest of our life with bipolar anyway. I am currently on seroquel 400mgs. at bedtime. I hate it due to weightgain and I wake up every other hour to eat. It keeps me up eating all night and morning. I am gaining lately really bad.


Hey, Need2know. I'm not a doctor and everyone is unique. Having said that, one med that comes up all the time is Seroquel in low doses (25 mg to 100 mg). But you need to talk to your psychiatrist about this. He/she may have valid reasons for suggesting something else.

One natural treatment that keeps coming up all the time is melatonin. A lot of leading pdocs use this as their first choice. It's over the counter, but you need to be consulting your psychiatrist.

Also, it's vital to keep to a strict daily schedule. You don't want your brain racing at night, so devote evening activities to winding down, not to catching up. If something is upsetting you during the day, do your best to resolve it; otherwise - with our illness - you're guaranteed to lose sleep over it. Hope this helps -

Answered by John McManamy