Sometimer Asthmatics: Adult Asthmatics Who Don't Take Their Asthma Medicine

They live normal lives, feel good 95% of the time, and so are in denial about their asthma and don't take their preventative, anti-inflammatory asthma medicine.

These are adult asthmatics who sometimes have mild asthma symptoms, and when they do they take a puff or two or three or four of their quick-relief asthma inhalers until they feel better. The trouble is, uncontrolled asthma can still lead to permanent lung damage.

Asthma Attitude: "If I feel fine, I don't need to take asthma medicine."

Asthma Strengths: Lucky for them, they are free of asthma symptoms most of the time. When they have breathing trouble, they know enough to use the asthma medicine they've been prescribed.

Asthma Weaknesses: Even though they have few symptoms, they still have asthma and still need to take their medicine as directed.

Lessons to Live By: Work with your doctor to create an asthma management plan that works best for you. The more controlled your asthma, the less quick-relief medication you'll need!

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