My Son Is In 3rd Grade And Is Having Problems


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My Son Is In 3rd Grade And Is Having Problems

My son has became very distracted and has started blurting out random things not relating to the lesson. I'd like to know what educational rights my son has and if there is any information I can give his teacher to help her understand ADHD better. Thanks



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Third grade can be a hard year for children. There are generally more expectations of them at this age than there was in second grade. In addition, they may be expected to sit for longer periods of time and be more responsible for independent work. Any of these may be causing your son to be more distracted or more impulsive than previously.

Keeping an open line of communication with your son's teacher is very important at this time. Talk with the teacher about what types of strategies can be adopted at school to help him stay on task. If you and the teacher work together to build your son's skills and behavior management, it is best. Most teachers are more than willing to work with parents and help their students succeed.

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I hope this information helps. Please let me know how it is going.


Answered by Eileen Bailey