How Soon After Chemotherapy Does Your Hair Start To Grow Back?


Asked by Joyce

How Soon After Chemotherapy Does Your Hair Start To Grow Back?


This varies a lot for everyone, just as everyone's hair varies in general. Some people's hair grows fast, some slow, some thick, some fine... One thing's for sure - after having lost your hair to chemo, it can never grow back fast enough! You're going to have to have some patience here.

If you haven't yet begun chemo, there's a new device effective at preventing hair loss in many women, and you should ask your doctor about it. For more information, please read our post, New Therapy May Prevent Hair Loss Due To Chemo.

Your hair can actually start to grow back during treatment, though that doesn't usually happen. Within a month of finishing, though, you should start to see some fine, downy hair on your head. The entire process will be gradual; I wouldn't expect anything even approaching "normal" hair for 6 months, and then it'll be like a boys' cut - maybe a couple of inches long.

Interestingly, your hair almost always grows back different than it was - a different color, and/or curly if it was straight, straight if it was curly.

Best of luck if you're about to start chemo - make sure to check out our Chemo Guide for lots of helpful information.

Answered by PJ Hamel