Sore Spot On My Chest Barely Above My Right Breast.


Asked by Amanda

Sore Spot On My Chest Barely Above My Right Breast.

i have a sore spot on my chest just barely above my right breast. it is random and comes and goes, but it always in the same spot. Sometimes the pain radiates from the area, other times it only hurts If i touch that certain spot. I can feel a soft lump there, nothing firm or definate. Occasionaly the pain is so intense it stops me completely for a minute or so until it fades. Been going on for almost two years now. Been to the doctor several times. Done several breast exams, doc says she cannot find anything wrong. Also, when pain flares up, feel breathless in my right lung. Any suggestions?


Has the doctor discussed the possibility of costochondritis with you? This inflammation of the cartilage in the ribs can cause intense pain that is sometimes confused with a heart attack. Depending on the rib(s) affected, it can also be perceived as breast pain. However, I don't think it would cause a lump. A breast cyst could cause pain, and it could come and go. I would think the doctor could do an ultrasound to check for a cyst. It could also be some sort of muscle cramp. Try to notice if there is a connection with an activity that uses your arm on that side. Problems that come and go are not usually cancer, but I think it would be worth pursuing this with a doctor to get a definite diagnosis. The next time the lump comes back or the pain is intense, ask for and unltrasound of the area. If your doctor brushes you off with "It's nothing," ask for a referral to a breast specialist. If you have had it two years and it hasn't gotten worse in frequency or intensity, it probably is not a serious problem, but you want to know for sure.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson