Sore Swollen Vagina.


Asked by Charlotte

Sore Swollen Vagina.

Only after I have sex (which is not painful), my labia minora swells up and it burns when i pee, and is quite tender. I do not have an STI, nor am i allergic to the lubricant, use unperfumed or colour body wash. I have been treated for thrush in the past, but this only happens after sex and i don't have any of the other symptoms of thrush.

Do you have any other ideas?


Hi Charlotte

Well my first idea is that you really do need to be seen by your doctor or gynecologist who can accurately identify what is causing these symptoms and also give you some relief.

In researching this on-line I did see a forum where a member talked about some similar symptoms which you can find here.

This individual talks about a condition called Vulvar Vestibulitis. I found an article about it on this medical site.

And here is a personal journal of a woman who has this condition and she describes the following symptoms:

"My Symptoms (past and present):

Tenderness (varying from mild to severe) on Vulvar area Throbbing Pain in Vulvar Area Burning Sensation upon Urination Frequency/Urgency of Urination Occasional Burning Sensation from Vulvar Area Redness/Swelling on Inner Labia and around Bartholin Glands Extreme Tenderness to Touch in Vestibular area Pain with Intercourse Occasional Difficulty Walking"

This is just some things I found in researching your symptoms but by no means

is this meant as medical advice. You really do need to see your doctor

and soon to find out what is causing these symptoms for you.

Thank you for your question.

Answered by Merely Me