Spasms In The Diaphragm,


Asked by care14

Spasms In The Diaphragm,

Has anyone ever had spasms in their diaphragm? It's not like hiccups--in fact at first I thought it was asthma--but I have this problem when I have a cold. It makes me have to grunt or push out my words, and it lasts a couple of weeks after I get well.


Hi again care14,

I'm sorry if my previous response was misleading. The point was not hiccups, but the spasms affecting that muscle. I notice that you have asked several questions regarding spasms. There are medications to help with this symptom including baclofen, zanaflex, sometimes even valium.

If you are experiencing more of a tightness in the chest, around the ribcage, which makes breathing and talking more difficult, then that sounds like the MS hug. The links Merely Me provided for those are very useful.

When you have a cold, the flu, or any type of infection, someone with MS is much more likely to experience increased symptoms. This is not the same as a relapse or exacerbation, but it can feel just as bad.

Please contact your doctor and discuss ALL of the symptoms you have been experiencing. That would be the best way to find answers appropriate to YOUR situation. The answer could be something as simple as taking baclofen and getting more activity. I don't know. But I do thank you for asking the questions.

Answered by Lisa Emrich