Spearmint and rosemary may boost memory

People suffering from age-related cognitive decline may benefit from spearmint and rosemary extract, according to a new study.

When the herbs are made into an enhanced extract, its antioxidants may improve learning and memory, the research concluded.

Professor Susan Farr from Saint Louis University School of Medicine in Missouri conducted an experiment examining the effects of spearmint and rosemary extract on mice with age-related cognitive decline. The study showed that in two out of three tests, rosemary and spearmint extract improved the mice’s memory. When the dose of rosemary extract was increased, the mice’s memory and learning improved the most.

Eating spearmint and rosemary may be beneficial in terms of improving cognitive function, but because the study was conducted only on animals, it is unknown whether consumption of these herbs--and at what dosage--would cause significant cognitive improvement.

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Sourced from: Medical News Today, Study: spearmint and rosemary extracts improve memory