Spider In My Hair!


Asked by Joe

Spider In My Hair!

Today, I found a small white spider in my hair. Now I am very concerened because I think I might have a spiders poison inside my body. I may also have a spider bite, I dont have any bumps though. Now, will I die?



Thanks for your question and welcome to AnxietyConnection.com.

I am not a medical professional and would not be able to give you medical advice.

I can tell you that I have had an allergic reaction to a spider bite twice in my life. Both were from brown spiders. Once was on my arm and once was on my leg. The entire area of the bite swelled up so there wasn't much mistaking there was something wrong. You probably would not have poison without you being aware of a problem from symptoms you can see, such as the swelling. Both times I went to the doctor for the swelling, was given medication to fight the allergic reaction and was fine.

If you don't have any signs like this, I would imagine you just had a small spider somehow land on your head. Kind of creepy but not dangerous.

I hope this helps.


Answered by Eileen Bailey