Is Spironolactone Known To Cause Cancer?


Asked by Linda

Is Spironolactone Known To Cause Cancer?

Is spironolactone known to cause cancer?


Linda, it's not a proven carcinogen in humans, but there's evidence that it causes cancer in rats. Here's the info. I found:

"Use of spironolactone in rats for one to two year periods show an increase in carcinogenesis in the thyroid gland, testes, liver, breasts, and myelocytic leukocytes. Mammalian cells, depending on the presence of metabolic activation, show mixed results for mutagenicity in vitro. In light of this research, Sandoz has recommended that unnecessary use of spironolactone be avoided."

So, if you don't have to take it for a more serious health problem, sounds like it's best to avoid it. Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel