Can I Split an Imitrex Tablet and Take Half for a Migraine?


Asked by Linda

Can You Split An Imitrex Tablet And Take Half For A Migraine?

I have noticed that the directions that come with Imitrex say not to split or crush an Imitrex tablet. What is the reason for this?

What would happen if I split the tablet and only take half of it at a time?



I've asked this very question. The reason I've been given is that the tablets have a special formulation that may be less effective if split. It's also been said that another reason is that they're difficult to split evenly, and some of the medication is often lost if the tablet shatters instead of breaking evenly. If you need other information about Imitrex tablets, see our Imitrex profile page.

Some people want to split the tablets because their insurance company limits the number of tablets they cover per month. If this is why you want to split yours, ask your doctor to contact your insurance company about allowing you a larger quantity. Many insurance companies will do this if your doctor gets approval prior to submitting the prescription.

On a related note, taking Imitrex more than two or three days a week can compound issues by causing medication overuse headache. You can find more information on that in Medication Overuse Headache - When the Remedy Backfires. If you're having three or more migraines a month, or if your migraines are especially severe or debilitationg, it's advisable to discuss preventive treatments with your doctor. There are many options these days. You can find more on this in Migraine and Headache Prevention - So Many Options.

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