A Spot On My Breast


Asked by melissar.mcdowell

A Spot On My Breast

I have had a pea size spot just right below the skin at the top of my left breast for quite some time and it has a little bitty pin hole in it. There was never any discoloration at all until a few month's ago. The spot got bigger and it got red. I went to the Dr. and she gave me antibiotics and I took two rounds of them. The spot has gone back down to original size, but now the skin looks bruised around it and it still has the little pinhole. It doesn't hurt at all even when I push on it some. Should I be concerned and go back to the Dr. over this?


It doesn't sound much like a lump to be concerned with due to the pin hole in it. It almost sounds like a boil, ingrown hair, or some type of pimple. Have you ever squeezed it in any way? Cause that would explain the bruising - they would be broken capillaries. Normally you would think that 2 rounds of antibiotics would help, but they may not have been the correct kind. Sometimes it takes a antibacterial antibiotic such as Levaquin.

I would surely suggest seeing your doctor again. Ask for an ultrasound to be done to verify if the mass is solid or fluid filled. Express your concerns that it has not cleared up after completing 2 cycles of antibiotics. If possible see a breast specialist. In my opinion, it does not sound like a cancerous tumor, but it's always better to be safe than to be concerned!

Good luck!