I Have A Spot On My Breast. Should I See A Doctor?


Asked by Sarah

I Have A Spot On My Breast. Should I See A Doctor?

I noticed a red spot/lump on my right breast a few days ago. It's hard, but doesn't itch, isn't getting any bigger, doesn't hurt, and I don't feel any heat. How long should I wait to see if this spot just goes away, or if I should have it checked out?


In the absence of any other symptoms, I'd wait several weeks and see if this disappears on its own. If it changes - becomes larger, or if you note any other "trouble signs" (heat, pain, swelling, itchiness), then I'd see a doctor. There's a rare form of breast cancer, inflammatory breast cancer, that can begin with a spot. But keep the word "rare" in mind; it's much too soon to consider at this point.

If it doesn't change at all, then you might still want to see a dermatologist, to find out what it might be. But please don't panic; what you describe isn't a typical breast cancer symptom. Just take it seriously enough to keep your eye on it; and then take deliberate (not stress-driven) action, as you see how things develop.

Answered by PJ Hamel