Spouse Denial - Understanding Adult ADHD

Health Writer

In order to best understand your spouse with ADHD, you must first learn about Adult ADHD. You may be familiar with the characteristics of ADHD in children, but do you know how these characteristics may manifest themselves in adults?

The following articles can help you better understand some of the characteristics of Adult ADHD:

How ADHD Symptoms Manifest in Adults

When to See a Doctor for Adult ADD/ADHD

Tips for Success in Adult Relationships with ADHD

ADHD at Work

In addition to learning about ADHD in adults, there are a number of articles that can help you to understand ADHD, generally:

ADHD: The Basics

Diagnosing and Treating Adult ADHD

Treatment for ADHD

Medications for ADHD

Read over the above articles, seek out information from other sources as well. You can speak with other adults by joining a local support group, talking with other people in online conversations or reading books.

Once you have a better understanding of ADHD in adults, you will be able to talk with your spouse about some of the characteristics they may share with adults with ADHD.