Sprinting-Walking Intervals Provide Fitness and Fun

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Sprinting-Walking Intervals

I alternate days between working my ab circuit and high-intensity sprinting. Sprinting is a high-intensity short-duration movement at the highest speed you can safely muster. Typically, we think sprinting is running, but also it includes swimming and biking. Watch how to sprint in the video below.

Be certain that you have medical clearance before attempting any strenuous workout.

My Sprint Routine

Three nights a week I go to the park and I do sprints in my MBT sneakers, with my dog Blue, on the circular sidewalk that surrounds the park. The MBT sneakers have a rocker-shaped outer soul and, according to the manufacturer, this approximates walking barefoot on sand.

I don't have foot or back pain when I wear my MBTs. I discuss MBT sneakers a little more in-depth in my article on Resistance Band Training for Beginners.

Are you familiar with Pavlov's Conditioned Response? As soon as I pull out my MBTs, Blue begins his happy dance in anticipation of our run. It's a fun workout for us both

I warm-up before my sprint by walking to the park, then walking three laps around the park at a leisurely pace. Then I run one lap around the park as hard as I can, which compared to Blue's gate I am not very fast. But it is a start. By the end of my lap I am breathing very hard. Then I do it all again.

I will walk three more laps around the perimeter of the park followed by one all out sprint. Then I do it once more.

After my final sprint, I walk three more laps to cool down and catch my breath.

To finish my routine, and sometimes even during my routine if I need a break, I stretch out on a cement bench and do the stomach vacuuming isometric contractions.

I am left feeling energized after this routine, in a way that I cannot achieve with my ab circuit. I like that my mind is totally focused on just being in the moment when I run, very alive to the beautiful surroundings of the park, and the companionship of my dog.

I had similar feelings of aliveness this summer when I did aqua sprints (swimming) at the Jersey Shore. I loved the ocean waves crashing against my now firm body, and that I could swim like I did when I was a teen. I guess that a skill once learned is never forgotten.

Now that autumn is nearly upon us and the weather turns cooler, I will need to bring my sprints indoors. I've got my treadmill setup in a large naturally lit room with lots of windows. And it faces out to the scenic landscape that will invigorate me more than a crummy TV would (thinking of all the gym treadmills facing monitors playing CNN all day - so uninspired).

Speaking of invigoration, next we'll explore how to get yourself motivated to workout. Read "Finding Motivation to Exercise."

I will continue my sprinting and ab circuit:

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