Stand up at work to lose weight at the office

Ernest Hemingway was famous for a lot of things, including his physical approach to writing – standing up.  He may have been on to something, as standing up for three hours per day can burn 144 calories a day, equating to roughly eight pounds of fat loss over the course of a year.

Dr. John Buckley, an exercise scientist from the University of Chester (UK), is championing implementing some Hemingway-inspired concepts to those who spend hours behind a desk.  Buckley observes people sitting at work, sitting in the car, then sitting in front of a television or computer in the evening, slowing the body's metabolic rate to a minimum.  Buckley even claims that a sedentary lifestyle is killing as many people as smoking each year.

So what can you do?  Standing desks are one idea, as this can significantly improve your health, according to Buckley.  People may also want to remember to take short stretch or walking breaks throughout the day, and to try to avoid being seated for too long a given time.

Sourced from: BBC News, Stand Up at Office to Lose Weight, Says Exercise Scientist