I Would Start To Shake My Legs Would Go Like Jelly And I Have To Eat


Asked by vivaelvispaula

I Would Start To Shake My Legs Would Go Like Jelly And I Have To Eat

i have to eat sugar foods to stop the shaking and then i feel weak and sick i just want to sleep i sometimes get this thing with my eyes as well its like looking through a cut glass window can anyone help please,,,and if you can thankyou so much,,


When my husband and I were first dating we were walking in Seattle sightseeing. He started to have clammy sweats and began to feel shaky and weak. His first response was to go back to the hotel and lie down. I told him I thought he was having a low blood sugar and he needed to eat.

I guided him to a restaurant and ordered a full meal for him. After eating he felt nauseous and sleepy. He went and laid down for a while, and when he got up he felt better. I suggested to him to get a glucose tolerance test to see if he was hypoglycemic. Rather then take my advice, a few months later he went out for a long run and didn't eat properly before. He had cut his run short, struggled to get back to his car and passed out in the car. He made it to a convenience store where he ran in bought a box of fiddle faddle, m&ms(1 lb!) and a large coke. Proceeded to eat it in the car and after felt sick, tired and shook from head to toe.

Since we've been together( now 16 years) he has not had the problem. I base his diet more heavily on protein to stabilize his metabolism and he can have complex carbs, which burn slower. Look at symptoms for hypoglycemia and see if you match. If so make a journey to the docs office and have a glucose tolerance test to see what your blood sugar does.

Answered by Ann Bartlett