Why Has My Vagina Smelled Like Rotten Milk for Months?


Asked by ODOR

I Started Having This Very Rotten Milk Vaginal Odor A Few Months Ago.

I started having this very rotten milk vaginal odor a few months ago. I went to my yearly well woman check up a while ago and told the doctor about the odor. So she did the regular pap, a wet prep test (for gonorrhea and chlamydia), and a third swab test for bacterial vaginosis. All came back negative. However, I have great hygiene and know that this rotten odor isn't normal. So I got a second opinion from another gynecologist. She looked around and did a swab. She said because it wasn't a fishy odor didn't indicate infection. She looked on the microscope at the swab and was unable to find any infection. She did say the only thing she could see was a high white blood cell count. Anywho, upon my insistence, she prescribed me something...not flagyl...but some other oral 7 day antibiotic. Well, it didn't help anything. The foul odor is still there and I have great hygiene and have never had this issue before. What should I do?


Hi there

Well I would trust the doctor on this. The first thing I would think of is an infection...but if they are not finding anything then I am not sure what it could be. Do you think that maybe your sense of smell is off lately? Or are you eating anything in your diet which is different? Any new soaps or lotions or...anything like that? Are there certain times of day when it is more strong?

I hope you discover the cause. Thank you for your question.

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