Will a Hot Shower open Airways During an Asthma Attack?


Asked by justjilly

Is Steam From A Hot Shower Good If Your Having A Asthma Attack To Open Airways

hello I just got out of the hospital I was diagnosed with asthma with acute exacerbation I was on 4 liters of oxygen and they weened me down to 2 liters im having a lot of trouble breathing but a nurse told me to sit in the bathroom with the shower running and breath in the steam I was wondering what you thought about this I need help I sit here tyoing and my breath is very rasspy I have never had asthma before and im 41yrs old Could you please help cause im really scared im a mom and a grandma and im afraid Thank you Jill


Hi Jill, Asthma attacks can be very scary, so you're not alone in those feelings and you're right to have them. Yes, I have heard that sitting in a hot shower or steamy room can ease breathing trouble, but I think that works best for people with rhinitis, stuffy nose, or phlegmy cough. Have you tried it for your asthma? If it works for you, then I say keep doing it. But you'll never rid yourself of asthma symptoms just with hot showers. You have to have the right medication to get your asthma under control and avoid the scary attacks. Did the doctor prescribe you with any asthma medications? Usually, you'll get a bronchodilator -- which is a fancy word for a drug that relaxes the muscles in your lungs that squeeze your airways when you're having an asthma attack. Bronchodilators can work fast, relaxing the muscles within a few minutes, or they can be long acting, continually working fpr hours to keep the muscles relaxed, but they don't work quickly. You'll also probably need an anti-inflammatory drug. The anti-inflammatory keeps your airways from swelling, which also makes it hard to breathe. Some asthma inhalers have both kinds of medicine in them. Go back to your doctor and explain your concerns and your symptoms. Your doctor has to help you determine which medicines are best for you. You can also click the blue links below to learn a lot more about asthma treatment: An Adult's Guide to Asthma Asthma Drugs From A to Z Building An Asthma Action Plan Combination Asthma Inhalers = Increased Convenience + Better Asthma Control Hang in there!

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