How Do You Sterilize A Urinary Catheter


Asked by Kerri

How Do You Sterilize A Urinary Catheter

My husband has been using urinary catheters effectively to keep the pressures in his bladder minimal. He needs to use 5-6 per day. Our health insurance no longer covers the cost of catheters and it is becoming quite expensive to keep up with this. Is there a way to safely sterilize/re-use these catheters in a way that will not make him more prone to bladder infections?


Many people no longer "sterilize" catheters to re-use them. I wash mine in hot, soapy water, using antibacterial soap. I also "drip" some soap into the funnel end, let it trickle into the drainage channel, and the flush it with hot water. I let it air-dry between two sheets of paper towel. If I'm not going to reuse it for awhile, I keep it in a plastic bag.

Bear in mind that catheters should only be used for a week. After that they should be discarded.

With a good hygiene program, it is possible to re-use them without the worry of a UTI.

Answered by Pete