Stick-On Device Monitors Heart Problems

A barely noticeable, ultrathin, stretchable device that sticks to your skin like a sticker could one day be used to monitor your heart rate, according to a report in the journal Science Advances.

Researchers in Korea who designed the device say it could be used by patients who need to have their heart rates monitored continuously -- those who suffer from heart problems such as arrhythmia, or who have a greater risk of a heart attack.

In addition, the device will be helpful for people with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, because it could measure how fast the heart goes back to its resting rate after exercise--an important indicator of cardiovascular health. The stick-on can also store heart rate data obtained during exercise stress tests.

Watches and bands have been developed that can monitor heart rates, but these devices are often rigid and uncomfortable, and don't connect to the skin closely enough to consistently monitor a person's heart rate.

The manufacturers estimate it will be commercially available in several years.

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Sourced from: Live Science , New Stick-On Device Could Monitor Heart Problems