How Do I Stop Talking Too Much?


Asked by Sr. Carmelita

How Do I Stop Talking Too Much?

Hi, How can I stop myself from getting getting carried away when I am talking on the phone, also one on one talking to another, that I don't end up in a monologue and the other person, dosen't get a chance to hardly talk. This happens a lot and it has been the cause of embrassment and conflict with a good friends. I can't seem to get a balance, I have a invisiable clock, but I don't have it on me all the time. Please give me suggestions as I don't think some of my friends call me because of my talking problem. They know I have Add and bipolar, but it still causes me problems. Do I talk more because I have both disorders? I would appricaite any help you could offer. Thank you, Sr. Carmelita


This is a common question/complaint of adults with ADHD. Some call it diarrhea of the mouth. Once they start talking, they don't stop. It isn't just you. You might want to read: Conversational Skills for Adults with ADHD ( and Tips for Managing Impulsiveness in Conversations ( You might find some of the tips useful.

Answered by Eileen Bailey